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The Digital Certificate is the technology that facilitates the daily lives of people and companies, shortening distances and ensuring the security you need.
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AR Inter was born with the purpose of contributing to a more technological day-to-day life in the lives of people and companies, facilitating and reducing bureaucracy in order to save time. We have in our team professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field of digital certification, able to offer the best possible experience for our customers and partners.


The Inter Digital Certificate uses asymmetric key cryptography, or public key cryptography. This technology has the function of guaranteeing authenticity, confidentiality and integrity to electronic information.


Enable you to continue your processes wherever you are, the Digital Certificate is always evolving to help you ensure the safety of operations regardless of the device in which it is stored, avoiding mainly physical and bureaucratic routines.

Save time

Say goodbye to comings and goings to government agencies to often carry out simple consultations or face-to-face procedures, with the use of the Inter Digital Certificate you save time and optimize your processes.

Eliminate papers

Many companies have invested in the Paperless culture, avoiding since printing on physical paper or even the transfer of documents between sectors or branches of the same organization. The use of these digitally signed documents in addition to saving paper is much safer.

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